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Exploration and Discovery in the Heartland of America 1650-1700

The Montreal Recit


translation by C.J.Weber

Marquette's Autograph Journal, [p] 63
Arrived [in New France] 1666, 20 Sept.
Died 1675, 18 May. [296 is old catalogue number.]

For the history of this manuscript, see Unpublished Reports, Paris, 1861. Vol 2, p. 239 [by Charles Dounoil].
For the printed text, see the same volume, page 241 to 330.

The map and the journal which commence on page 63 of the manuscript are in the hand of Pere Marquette himself. See also pages 62-63, Extract and signature of Pere Marquette.

The corrections and the last paragraph (manuscript p. 60) are in the hand of Pere Dablon.