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The Great Jolliet Map Hoax   


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Video, Carl J. Weber, Music by Ray Lynch.


Begin Maps


1650 Sanson, North America link


1656 Sanson New Mexico and Florida link


1670 Lake Superior, Hughes Randin (?), link


1670 Galinee, Great Lakes link


1674 North America, Sanson-Jaillot link


1674 Marquette Map (Fake) link


1674 Jolliet/Randin link


1674 Randin, North America link


1674 Randin link

1674 Jolliet/Brown (1880s Fake) link


1674 Ayer 48 Anonymous link



1675 Ayer 48 Final, North America link


1675 Ayer 48 Bernou link

1675 Ayer 48 Bernou link


1674 Camel Map 1 link


1675 Camel Map 2 link

camel map 2


1675 Anonymous Fake link


1681 Thevenot, Mississippi Valley link


1683 Minet/LaSalle Map Weber Enhanced link,


1683 Minet/LaSalle, Original link


1683 Raffeix, not authentic link


1683 Hennepin, North America link

1683 Bernou, North America link


1684 Jolliet, Hudson Bay link


1684 Franquelin, North America link


1686 Franquelin, North America link


1688 Franquelin, North America link


1688 Coronelli link


1688 Coronelli Gore link


1691 LeClerq, North America link


1698 Hennepin, New World link


1700 Codex Canadiensis link


1700 Lisle

1543 DeSoto link

Ellington Stone


1674 Toscanelli link Original



1474 Toscanelli link Overlay




Summarization of Tosconelli below from bigthink:

Many thanks to Roland Ottewell, who scanned this map from 'A Literary and Historical Atlas of America', probably published before 1920.

The Florentine mathematician, astronomer and cosmographer Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli (1397-1482) is probably best remembered for his proposal in 1474 to the Portuguese court of a scheme to sail west as a shortcut to reach the fabled Spice Islands in the east.

Toscanelli never made it across the ocean, but his proposal did inspire Columbus, who took Toscanelli's map with him on his first transatlantic voyage in 1492.

Cathay as a European name for China derives from Marco Polo, who used it for northern China. Only in the 19th century was the usage in English of Cathay eclipsed by the word 'China'. Russian still uses the word – there's still an area of Moscow called Kitaigorod, 'Chinatown'.








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Earliest Chicago Maps

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First record Marquette's name in France. Correspondence. Claude Bernou's letter with general questions for Governor La Barre in Canada.






La Frontenacie







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