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At this time, sorry, not too much of general historical interest. I have been giving my attention to resolving longstanding current and continuing issues of plagiarisms and defamations by David Buisseret used against me to discredit my "the Marquette Map is a hoax" work.

See "Invalidating the Jacques Marquette Map" in which, in addition to many other things, I spell out the plagiarism in much more detail than in the affidavit below. Respecting "Validating the 1673 Marquette Map," by Buisseret and Kupfer, several times I sent proof of plagiarism to the advisory board of the Journal of Illinois History. They are responsible for dealing with plagiarism, according to Jennifer Hogan, Director of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, as related to my Illinois State Assemblywoman, Linda Chapa LaVia. Not one of the advisory board members responded. I sent this plagiarism information to other agencies, including the Office of Executive Inspector General. As Rep. Chapa LaVia's office characterized it, I am getting the "runaround." In my opinion, nobody wants to tell the emporers about their new clothes, but in this instance, the emporers are in on the swindle.

I also, in "Invalidating," give numerous examples of the easily refuted "scholardhip" of Buisseret and Kupfer present. Many things are not correct. I also shake my head in disbelief that the Journal of Illinois History let this travesty of research slip through.

See a summary of the three points in the plagiarism.

Affidavit documentation on Buisseret/ Kupfer Plagiarism in Journal of Illinois History.
The Facts and Demonstration of the Plagiarism


Anticipating Further Progress

1650 Sanson, Americque Septentrionalle (of North America)

Jolliet Brown, La Frontenacie (of North America)

1674 Randin, North America

1674 Anonymous Ayer 48, North America. With Jolliet's navigating in the upper regions of the Mississippi, and LaSalle, in his "missing years," navigating the Ohio, east to west, and then down the Mississippi to the 34th latitude.

1675 Ayer 48 Bernou

1675 Ayer Jolliet Final for King


The Montreal Recit

Marquette Map Not on 1845 Inventory of Felix Martin


1650-1700 Maps French Colonial

Jacques Marquette Map

DuPage County, Illinois, Etymology

Marquette Map Hoax: Conference on Illinois History




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