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Exploration and Discovery in the Heartland of America 1650-1700

The Jacques Marquette Map

This is a reproduction of the image I posted on line in about 2004 -- the first instance of the Marquette Map published on the web. It shows signs of being folded and unfolded many times. This image is not the image that came out in Thwaites' Jesuit Relations, in about 1900.




The Thwaites image has small slips of paper covering what many think is Marquette's own handwriting, thus proof of antiquity.

for full image of Thwaites' map, here.



This is a reproduction from John Gilmary Shea's Discovery and Exploration of the Mississippi Valley, 1852. This is of the earlier, and better condition of the map. The left and right sides of the map have been cropped off for reproduction purposes.



The image on the right is a detail from the Shea Marquette Map of the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. It is a slightly zoomed in graphic of the image on the left.
















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