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See March 17 Youtube, below or at channel. More Plagiarism: Buisseret And Kupfer -- Marquette Map

See "Invalidating the Marquette Map" in which I spell out the plagiarism in much more detail than in the affidavit below. Several times I sent it as proof of plagiarism to the advisory board of the Journal of Illinois History. Not one of them responded.

I also, in "Invalidating," give numerous examples of the abysmal scholarship Buisseret and Kupfer try to foist off. They could have handled the "scholarship" end with more correctness, exactitude and truthfulness. Mine is NOT an attack, per se, but a thoughtful and reasoned dealing with the facts. Read the papers. I also shake my head in disbelief that the Journal of Illinois History for not doing their work.

"Validating the 1673 Marquette Map," by Buisseret and Kupfer, with the plagiarism as published in the Journal of Illinois History, that I, with good reason, want them to acknowledge and apologize for.

While in a holding pattern, and pushing the plagiarism issue through available recourses, I have a little summary of the three points in the plagiarism.

Affidavit documentation on Buisseret/ Kupfer Plagiarism in Journal of Illinois History.
The Facts and Demonstration of the Plagiarism

email Feb. 8, 2017, to the Board Members of the Journal of Illinois History, chiding, what's up? Why no answers when you are responsible. See attached youtube below.

email Jan. 26, 2017, to the Board Members of the Journal of Illinois History; it was also sent to Illinois State Representative Linda Chapa LaVia, and BCCs to about fifty other people -- academics, maps societies, media, etc.


More Plagiarism: Buisseret And Kupfer -- Marquette Map
Posted to Youtube March 17, 2017



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Professors Plagiarize in Journal of Illinois History
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A few basic Marquette/Jolliet facts in need of correction by Buisseret
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Plagiarism By Professors Journal of Illinois History Marquette Map Hoax
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Some comparative mapping
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