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November 11, 2017,

Will be workng on the Jolliet's Lost Map for a while... putting the piece together so that someone with knowledge of the maps of the 1670s associated with the names Marquette, Jolliet, Franquelin, Randin will see the commonality with the Lost Jolliet Map.

October 20, 2017

The JOLLIET MAP, specifically the Jolliet/Brown map, is not what is claimed for it.
It is not a legitimate historical document originating directly or indirectly from Jolliet.

1. The Jolliet/Brown Map is not Authentic,

Nov 3, 2017 See paper completed on this
The Jolliet Map Hoax

I was going thru my files last month and pulled out a map that I had filed away over ten years ago. I immediately knew that it was the Lost Map of Jolliet. I had back then photocoped it from an archive collection, unaware of its significance. But since then, my understanding of the maps of the period has improved considerably. This map has never been on the internet, nor has it ever been mentioned in its historical context.

But, in the course of putting together a paper on this, planning for an e-book, I happened across a discovery of equal, nay, greater importance to the history of the maps of the period: the discovery that the Jolliet/Brown map is a fake.

Evidence comming soon in pdf to update historians, and by educational osmosis, all cultureally aware educated people.


Jolliet/Brown Map, in collection of John Carter Brown University.

2. Jolliet Lost Map Identified,

This is in process. Clarifies identification, history and sequence for about ten maps relating to the 1672-78 period.

Image below, Jean Delanglez's article, 1946, on the Lost Map of the Mississippi. I have identified Delanglez' Lost Map. It is nothing like the one he theoretically reconstructed.



The following, in process, include some map URLs for good quality resolution map images that I have hosted. I have quite a few scattered about.

1650 Sanson, North America

1656 Sanson, New Mexico and Florida

1670 Galinee, Great Lakes

1674 Randin, North America

1674-75 Jolliet Brown, North America

1674 Ayer 48, Anonymous, North America

1675 Ayer 48, Bernou, North America

1675 Ayer 48, Final, Jolliet Map for King

1674 Franquelin, North America

1678 (1675) Franquelin, North america

1681 Thevenot, Mississippi Valley

1683 Raffeix Map, Mississippi Valley

1683 Minet Map, North America

1700 Codex Canadiensis, Mississippi Valley

1703 Guillaume Delisle, Canada

1703 Jesuit Map, * North America


Vermeer, 1669, Geographer






1650-1700 Maps French Colonial

Jacques Marquette Map

DuPage County, Illinois, Etymology

Marquette Map Hoax: Conference on Illinois History

The Montreal Recit

Marquette Map Not on 1845 Inventory of Felix Martin




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